This Summer / Autumn season, join us in Malta for one of our popular Classroom Courses or Masterclasses. If you’re local, it’s a quick trip to our St Julian’s training offices. If you’re located elsewhere, why not make a trip of it – with so much to explore (and so many businesses to meet) in Malta, there’s always a good reason to visit.

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Business Analytics

Next Available: 8 & 10 July 2019 + 28 & 30 October 2019

Get an insight into gaming customer trends with the ability to analyse and interpret data.

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Blockchain 101

Next Available: 19 & 20 August 2019

Get to grips with blockchain technology. This introductory course will enhance your understanding of blockchain and its numerous uses, as well as covering cryptocurrency, Bitcoin,…

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Award in iGaming – MQF Level 4

Next Available: 20 August – 10 October 2019

Accredited MQF Level 4 training in iGaming – In collaboration with MCAST and EGIM – The European Gaming Institute of Malta. Rated 4.7 Stars by…

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Introduction to iGaming

Next Available: 20, 22, 27 & 29 August 2019 | Online Access Anytime

Gain a comprehensive and practical overview of the iGaming industry with this all-encompassing course. In collaboration with MCAST and EGIM – The European Gaming Institute…

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MLRO 3-Day Masterclass

Next Available: 28, 29 & 30 August 2019

Understand exactly how to reflect AML, CFT & POCA legal requirements with appropriate, robust procedures and practices.

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Operational Fraud Management

Next Available: 2 & 4 September 2019

Learn about fraud prevention, detection and management strategies, a critical part of any iGaming or online gambling operation.

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Practical KYC

Next Available: 9 & 11 September 2019

Learn the steps and processes required for understanding who your customer is with our Practical KYC training.

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Anti-Fraud & Payments Handling

Next Available: 16 & 18 September 2019 | Online Access Anytime

Detect and prevent the fraudulent abuse of your business by training all relevant staff at many different points in the customer journey.

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Online Sportsbook Management

Next Available: 17, 19, 24 & 26 September 2019

An examination of all aspects of Sportsbook, from exchanges to in-play betting, risk management to virtual sports and everything in between. In collaboration with MCAST…

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Anti-Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime

Next Available: 23 & 25 September 2019 | Online Access Anytime

Our essential training on AML and CFT is available in multiple formats including MGA; UKGC; US; Australia regulation.

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Online Casino Management

Next Available: 1, 3, 8 & 10 October 2019 | Online Access Anytime

A thorough overview of the online casino vertical and its challenges, featuring case study examples, scenarios and proven techniques for success. In collaboration with MCAST…

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Digital Marketing

Next Available: 7 & 9 October 2019

Discover how digital marketing techniques can reach new customers and generate business online.

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Responsible Gaming

Next Available: 14 & 16 October 2019 | Online Access Anytime

Have you met the compliance requirements for online responsible gambling staff training? Our courses meet all UK, USA and Malta standards.

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Affiliate Management

Next Available: 21 & 23 October 2019 | Bespoke Available

Explore the gaming affiliate business model and learn how to manage a high-performing affiliate programme with key tactics and strategies for success.

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