MLRO 3-Day Masterclass
iGaming Academy Masterclass Compliance Management Face To Face Masterclass

MLRO 3-Day Masterclass

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Understand exactly how to reflect AML, CFT & POCA legal requirements with appropriate, robust procedures and practices.

Ideal for:  Nominated MLROs, as well as C-Level executives, board members, decision makers and compliance and risk professionals.

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Case studies, practical exercises, and direct action points for MLROs.

Understand exactly how to reflect AML, CFT & POCA legal requirements with appropriate, robust procedures and practices within your organisation at all levels. A detailed 15-hour 3-day session with case studies, practical exercises, and direct action points that will help keep your organisation compliant and its employees and customers safe.

1: Legislation & Regulation – Anti-Money Laundering, Counter-Terrorist Financing and Proceeds of Crime.
2: Corporate Responsibility – Officers, Policies & Penalties.
3: Corporate Structure – Board Approval Staff, Staff Probity, Internal Audit and Reporting.
4: Case Studies.
5: Risk, Revenue, Reputation.

1: Corporate Structure – Internal Structures, Teams, Training and Accountability.
2: Business and Customer Risk Assessments – Customer, Product, Service, Transaction, Interface and Geography.
3: Due diligence, enhanced due diligence and source of funds and wealth.
4: Reporting and Record-keeping.
5: Practical exercise – launder money through your site.

1: Developing the Company Policy.
2: Building a Risk Assessment.
3: Training, knowledge and awareness programmes.
4: SARs logs and reporting and record-keeping.
5: Re-cap and Audit functions.


Feedback for previous Masterclass training events:

  • "I feel that I really benefitted from this course and can recommend it to anyone dealing with fraud and risk in the industry"
  • "Great course, great trainer, highly recommended"
  • "The MLRO Masterclass was highly beneficial with a professional and knowledgeable trainer"

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Registration on day 1 from 8.30 until 9.00
Training is from 9.00 until 15.00
Networking drinks from 15.00 on day 3

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