UKGC Advertising Codes
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UKGC Advertising Codes

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Learn about the laws and regulations governing Advertising and Marketing materials, and how best to implement the requirements in practice.

Ideal for:  Those conducting or advertising gaming operations in the UK market

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Crucial for gaming professionals operating in the UK market.

In this course, you will learn about the laws and regulations governing the acceptable forms of Advertising and Marketing materials, and how best to implement the requirements in practice.

Our UKGC Advertising Guidelines training course has been specifically developed in an engaging, practical and comprehensive format to help you and your staff gain a more in-depth understanding of the various legal and regulatory requirements for the Marketing and Advertising gambling related products.

In the first half of this course, a representative from the legal team will walk you through the various laws, such as the CPR, the CAP and BCAP codes as well as the other regulatory bodies and industry standards bodies. During the second half of the course, we will work alongside Kate, from the compliance team, in understanding the daily operational application of the various legal and regulatory requirements.

Our UKGC advertising guidelines course has been developed in conjunction with industry experts, with years of training and an in-depth knowledge of the Advertising Codes and Practices as required by the UKGC for operators licensed by this regulator.

  • Identify and understand the laws associated with Advertising Codes.
  • Appreciate the difference between general advertising rules and gambling specific rules.
  • Apply the laws and rules of advertising to your daily operations with an understanding of the consequences of breaching regulations.
  • Be able to recognize CPR breaches.
  • Interpret the application of the law to the reality of daily operations.

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