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Cyber Security Awareness

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Our Cyber Security Awareness course is designed to give learners a greater understanding of Cyber Security threats as well as discovering ways in which we can protect ourselves.

Ideal for:  Individuals who use computer networks and want to learn more about how to be protected against cyber threats

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This course of Cyber Security Awareness is designed to give learners a greater awareness of Cyber Security threats

Learn the fundamentals of Cyber Security and how to protect your organisation or even your desktop/laptop and your digital accounts from cyber threats.

The advance of technology has changed our everyday life; from the way, we communicate to the way we do our banking. With a plethora of applications available at our fingertips, multiple digital accounts and countless transactions, it’s imperative to be aware of how to protect ourselves and our devices from being hacked.

This course is available as:

 eLearning | For online, global access


This course includes the following:

  • Defining what Cyber Security is
  • Learning how to protect yourself from phishing attacks
  • Identifying different types of hackers
  • Identifying different hacking techniques
  • Understanding the stages of hacking
  • Learning what Social Engineering is

Interactive online eLearning training for individuals and employees, accessible anytime

This course is available via eLearning: an interactive format accessible worldwide. eLearning courses can be purchased individually, or added to your company’s own branded LMS Learning Management System.

Full Details: Access will be for 1 year and will be provided within 2 working days, to the email address specified at purchase.

  • Online Access
  • Accredited Results
  • High Quality Content

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