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Customer Service

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Learn about various approaches and requirements of a Customer Service Team within iGaming, including how different CS roles contribute to the smooth running of a company, and how to implement and execute successful CS communication and strategies.

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn about the importance of the Customer Service (CS) division in the business
  • Understand the difference between online and offline CS
  • Interpret the various techniques for successful delivery of both online and offline service
  • Identify and implement the various roles and their functions
  • Learn about the execution of the duties and responsibilities of each role
  • Learn about best procedural practices to improve the operational function

Ideal For: Customer Support roles, First line managers, Shift leaders, Team Leaders, Q&A & Training

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Customer Service is seen as a must in any industry. The need for a CS department in the iGaming industry was identified very early on, and it is often one of the first few teams set up in a new iGaming Operation. The service will scale to 24/7 availability as customer numbers, and demand, increases.

This course has been developed to cater to the growing demand for highly trained customer service representatives in the iGaming industry.

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