Handling the Threat of Suicide
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Handling the Threat of Suicide

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This bite-sized module is designed to provide employees with essential skills and insights to effectively manage critical situations involving players in distress, particularly those expressing suicidal thoughts.

Developed alongside clinical psychologists at 87%, learn more about our suite of Player Protection Trainings here.

Ideal for:  Customer facing employees working in an online environment, such as customer support and responsible gaming roles.

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Our suite of player protection micromodules are targeted at customer facing employees and are designed to give them the tools they need to support and promote safer gaming and positive mental health in the industry.

Customer facing employees may come into contact with players who are severely distressed and demonstrate intentions to harm themselves. It is thus critical for employees to understand the course of action they must carry out in order to assess the risk of the individual to themself and manage the threat of suicide.

This standalone micromodule, which forms part of our Suicide Awareness suite of courses, focuses on doing exactly that by exploring different strategies to effectively handle situations where an individual is highly distressed and expressing suicidal thoughts, as well as how to assess the risks by asking direct, suicide related questions, through the use of a suicide screening tool. Tips on how to address more critical situations and assist a player in an immediate crisis, are also investigated.

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Gain essential skills and insight to effectively manage situations involving players in distress

Overview of learning objectives:

  • Understand effective strategies to handle situations where an individual is highly distressed and expressing suicidal thoughts
  • Recognise the importance to treat the threat of suicide with seriousness and follow the three 'A' steps protocol to manage the situation
  • Become aware of several ways to assess the level of risk through asking suicide related questions
  • Learn how to address critical situations and assist a player in an immediate crisis
  • Duration: These courses have been designed as bite-sized informative training and last no longer then 10-15mins
  • Legislation: These courses do not focus on any specific legislation and are therefore relevant to all jurisdictions
  • Misc.: These courses contain interactive scenarios and no assessment

This course is available via iGaming Academy’s, or Company Branded, Learning Management System:

  • In an interactive format accessible worldwide
  • With access for up to 1 year
  • Downloadable certification upon completion*

Access will be provided within 1 working day, to the email address specified at purchase. You will receive your login details from training@igacademy.com, if you don’t get this information within 1 hour of receiving confirmation, then please check your spam folder.

*only available on Company Branded Learning Management Systems

After passing the assessment, you will be able to download your certificate as a PDF*. The certificate will state the following:

  • your name
  • the course title
  • the date of completion

*The certificate is only available for Company Branded Learning Management Systems

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