Upsell for Success
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Upsell for Success

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Are you leaving money on the table? Maximise revenue potential through understanding the Power of Upselling.

Ideal for:  All customer facing personnel who sell products and services, including food and beverage, front desk, reservations team and more

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Learn proven upselling and sales techniques for achieving success every day

This online training course provides learners with a deeper understanding of what the term Upselling means and explores specific examples relating to the hospitality industry.

Sales skills are critical, and NOT just for the sales team. In fact, effective selling techniques are important for anyone in a customer-facing role with responsibility for delivering a product or service. All staff need to feel confident in their ability to encourage customers to upgrade, explore and enjoy everything the organisation has to offer.

In this course, learners will pick up key upselling tips and tricks. We’ll also explore why creating a sense of trust is an important, and what it means to take responsibility for our actions when it comes to upselling.

Learners will be encouraged to consider their own actions and reflect on opportunities for upselling within their role.

This course covers:

  • What is Upselling?
  • What are examples of effective upselling in the hospitality industry.
  • Steps to consider and implement for effective upselling.
  • The benefits of upselling to a company and to an individual.
  • Proven techniques to become more effective in your ability to gain a customer’s trust prior to moving forward with achieving incremental sales.
  • Consider the potential to improve your ability to effectively upsell.

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Full Details: Access will be provided within 1 working day, to the email address specified at purchase. 

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