Player Protection Training


Developed in collaboration with chartered psychologists at 87%, our suite of player protection micro-modules is targeted at customer-facing employees and is designed to give them the tools they need to support and promote a balanced lifestyle and positive mental health in the gaming industry. Complementing our existing Responsible Gambling Plug-in training, these modules focus on three key themes of player protection, with each theme made up of a number of bite-sized training targeting different subject areas.

The themes are:

  1. Communicating with Problem Gamblers & Players at Risk
  2. Suicide Awareness
  3. Problem Gambling Awareness

Learners will be taught to recognise the difference between safer gambling and problem gambling and how to communicate with players with patience and empathy, as well as how to recognise signs in players potentially experiencing suicidal thoughts. They will gain an understanding of how difficult conversations with their customers may impact their own well-being and will be provided with self-care tools to prevent long-term negative impacts.

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In collaboration with

Micro-modules falling under this theme will teach gaming industry employees to identify customers who may have problems with gambling, understand their behaviour, and conduct sensitive, meaningful interactions with these customers. Employees will be trained to recognise the emotional distress of players, respond and communicate with empathy, and communicate in a way that promotes behaviour change and provides sensitive guidance towards support services.

The three micro-modules that fall under this theme are:

▪ Emotional Intelligence & Empathy in Communication – see course details here
▪ Recognising & Responding to Emotional Distress – see course details here
▪ Communication Styles & Techniques – see course details here

Micro-modules falling under this theme of player protection will teach gaming industry employees the realness of suicide and provide them with the tools to handle interactions with players demonstrating the signs of suicidal ideation. We will also focus on the self-care of the employee that deals with more challenging situations, primarily the threat and risk of self-harm or suicide.

The micro-modules that fall under this theme are:

▪ Understanding Suicide & Problem Gambling – see course details here
▪ Recognising & Responding to Signs of Suicide – see course details here
▪ Handling the Threat of Suicide  – see course details here
▪ Managing Difficult Feelings Within Yourself  – see course details here

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Micro-modules falling under this theme of player protection will give gaming industry employees a better understanding of the psychology of gambling and how gambling becomes problematic for players. We will help them to recognise the signs, symptoms, and impact of problem gambling on an individual’s mental health and quality of life.

Overview of learning objectives:

▪ Reduce the stigma of problem gambling in player protection
▪ Understand the development of problem gambling, causes, aggravating factors and vulnerabilities
▪ Get to know how problem gambling impacts people’s lives
▪ Identify the signs and signals of a player developing gambling problem

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