Understanding the Problem Gambler
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Understanding the Problem Gambler

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Enhance your awareness of why certain groups of individuals may be more vulnerable to developing problems with their gambling and the challenges they face in attempting to control it.

Developed alongside clinical psychologists 87%, learn more about our suite of Player Protection Training here.

Ideal for:  Customer facing employees working in an online environment, such as customer support and responsible gaming roles

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Enhance Employees’ Understanding of Problem Gamblers

This module, which forms part of our Problem Gambling Awareness-themed courses, introduces the concept of the gambling spectrum and sheds light on the characteristics that define each stage. Employees will learn how specific individuals, exposed to certain vulnerability factors, can increase their susceptibility to developing gambling issues, alongside understanding the role impulsivity plays in their decision-making processes. Additionally, the course addresses the commonly overlooked aspect of VIP players in these scenarios.

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Understand the vulnerabilities and challenges faced by problem gamblers

Overview of learning objectives:

  • Learn about problem gambling and the different stages in the gambling spectrum
  • Learn the role impulsivity plays in decision-making for those with mental health issues
  • Understand what is meant by vulnerable groups and how these groups of individuals may be more susceptible to developing problems with their gambling
  • Understand the challenges VIP customers face when experiencing problems with gambling

This course is available via iGaming Academy’s, or Company Branded, Learning Management System:

  • In an interactive format accessible worldwide
  • With access for up to 1 year
  • Downloadable certification upon completion*

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After passing the assessment, you will be able to download your certificate as a PDF*. The certificate will state the following:

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  • the course title
  • the date of completion

*The certificate is only available for Company Branded Learning Management Systems

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