Delivering Quality Customer Experiences
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Delivering Quality Customer Experiences

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Ensure every customer receives high quality, consistently excellent service.

Ideal for:  Leaders and employees with responsibility for service excellence.

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Learn Quality Assurance principles, frameworks and techniques.

Quality Assurance in the hospitality and service industry involves delivering Service Quality for every customer, consistently. It is critical for delivering and maintaining quality Customer
Experience. In this course we’ll explore how Service Quality can be delivered consistently with the backing of a solid Quality Assurance Framework. Essential knowledge both for those developing and leading the framework, and for those delivering on goals and expectations.

  • The definition of Service Quality, and explanation of Service Quality (SQ) as a comparison of perceived expectations (E) of a service with perceived performance (P), giving rise to the equation SQ=P-E.
  • Importance for the person delivering the service to be able to read the customer, as perception plays an important role in how a customer rates his or her satisfaction related to the service experience.
  • Examples of Quality Assurance framework for the hospitality industry, including the importance of “getting the basics right”.
  • The use of Standards and SOPs in delivery of high-quality and consistent levels of service.
  • How are expectations created and the impact of perceived.
  • The importance of consistency in delivery of high quality customer experience.
  • Key roles and responsibilities in delivering high-quality and consistent levels of service.
  • Reflection and Quiz.

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