Introduction To Blockchain
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Introduction To Blockchain

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Build your understanding of blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT), including the key principles, its application potential and real-life case studies across multiple industries and sectors

Ideal for:  Professionals and businesses looking to understand and implement blockchain technologies

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Understand the principles, and potential applications of blockchain technology

In this clear and practical Introduction to Blockchain course, you’ll learn about the ever-growing technology which has revolutionised the global economy. We’ll review how blockchain works, what makes it secure for businesses and other groups, the different types of blockchains, issues and challenges, and take a look at real-life case studies.

  • Learn about the history of Blockchain
  • Identify the various industries where Blockchain can be applied
  • Become familiar with Blockchain vocabulary and language used in this field
  • Understand the mechanisms of DLT and how Blockchain works
  • Understand the challenges and advantages to Blockchain

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