BAR Seminar: Blockchain And Risk
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BAR Seminar: Blockchain And Risk

Next Available: 24 May 2019

Exploring the promise of Blockchain to mitigate today’s risks and the implications of new technology on data protection, cybersecurity, ethics, operations, finance and law.

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Malta AI & Blockchain Summit 2019
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Ideal for:  Investors, executives and advisors with an interest in Blockchain’s potential opportunities and operational impact

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Explore key topics in risk management for successful Blockchain adoption

The BAR Seminar will explore the promise of Blockchain to mitigate today’s risks and the implications its introduction will have on data protection, cybersecurity, ethics, operations, finance and law

Blockchain is set to transform global business. Offering built-in security, tamper-proof architecture and the opportunity to cut out third parties, the technology has naturally attracted attention for its risk reduction potential.

How will Blockchain deliver risk reductions? Improvements may include enhanced data privacy, strengthened cybersecurity – at a time when the average data breach is estimated to cost businesses €3.5m – and mitigation against fraudulent activity. Yet whilst Blockchain’s potential positive impact on risk profiles is understood, many of the particulars remain open for discussion.

As Blockchain is adopted, additional risks must also be considered. New risks will be created in the areas of operations, finance, legal and regulation. Due to the fundamentally new design Blockchain introduces, current risk frameworks, governance and controls will likely require fresh consideration.

The Blockchain And Risk (BAR) Seminar creates a meaningful opportunity for professionals to explore the potential of Blockchain technology and its impact on key risk factors. Invited experts will offer insight from a wide variety of disciplines including data protection, cybersecurity, ethics and from sectors including finance, gaming, and law.

Join us at BAR Seminar to understand the key risk factors associated with Blockchain, be informed on its potential to mitigate risk, and understand how to navigate the risks associated with its introduction.

Speakers & Agenda

08:45 Registration & Welcome Coffee
9:00 Control, Alt, Delete: Privacy and the right to be forgotten: placing personal data on an immutable blockchain and the GDPR implications. Advances in privacy and confidentiality Terence Cassar – GTG, Malta
 9:45 Regulating new technology frontiers: When is too little too much? Exploring the need for innovation and disruption while meeting legal responsibilities  Christian Ellul, E&S – Malta
 10:15 iForgot: Cybersecurity risks and the blockchain including the impossibility of recovering cryptographic keys.  Howard Poston – USA
 11:00  Coffee Break
 11:15 Blockchain – The Game Changer: How is blockchain changing the iGaming landscape and way players interact with the technology. Carla Vella – Malta
 12:00 What’s in a name? Personal identification and the blockchain: How technology is transforming what it means to be human and the impact on KYC/ AML processes and tracing transactions. UK Speaker
12:45 Ethics by design: Do privacy enhancing technologies offer opportunities to reduce risks and what is blockchains role in ethical frameworks? Ivana Bortoletti, GemServ and Women Leading in AI – UK

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This event takes place as part of Malta AI & Blockchain Summit 2019. Entry to the conference is included within the price of your booking. Each talk will be followed by an opportunity for Q&A, and there will be the chance for networking.

Venue: Hilton, Malta
Timings: 08:45 – 13:30, inclusive of coffee break
Pricing: €150 Earlybird [Until 31 March]; €250 Standard
Includes FREE ENTRY to Malta AI & BC Summit

BAR Seminar: Blockchain And Risk

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24 May 2019 – Malta @ Malta AI & Blockchain Summit


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