We’re delighted to announce a new collaboration between Blockchain Academy and Chiliz Blockchain Campus.

The upcoming Blockchain Masterclass [08, 09 & 10 May] will be held at both IGA Training’s St Julian’s location (08 & 09 May) and Chiliz Blockchain Campus in Gzira (10 May). Participants will enjoy the chance to tour Chiliz Blockchain Campus and learn more about this exciting new tech hub spanning 4 floors of office space.

About Blockchain Academy

High quality training courses, masterclasses, events and eLearning for businesses and professional learners. Blockchain has the power to revolutionise the business landscape everywhere from finance to real estate, logistics to online gaming. Built for business, our training solutions teach blockchain fundamentals and explore practical implementations. blockchain.igacademy.com

About Chiliz Blockchain Campus

The chiliz Blockchain Campus is an accelerator and industry hub connecting some of the industry’s largest stakeholders across Asia and Europe, together with other emerging blockchain entrepreneurs. Our campus is 100% privately held by chiliz and located on-site in Malta. Known as “The Blockchain Island”, this small EU nation is a leader in the adoption of government-level framework to regulate blockchain enterprises and the financial dynamics which underpin them within Europe. chiliz.com/blockchaincampus

Jaime DeBono, Managing Director of IGA Training and Blockchain Academy said:

“We’re at a truly exciting moment in the growth of blockchain where ideas are turning into real solutions, fast. Blockchain Academy is committed to helping businesses and professionals explore the technology’s potential and understand all the implications involved in its introduction. This collaboration with Chiliz Blockchain Campus is a fantastic opportunity for professionals in Malta, and beyond, to immerse themselves in everything blockchain has to offer.”

Béatrice Collet, Managing Director of Chiliz Blockchain Campus said:

“We are very much looking forward to a long lasting partnership between Blockchain Academy and the Chiliz Blockchain Campus. Education and training for such a new and technical industry are key pillars which will consolidate Malta as the Blockchain Island, with the Chiliz Blockchain Campus as its epicenter.”

Book now for Blockchain Masterclass [08, 09 & 10 May] – your passport to the revolutionised digital economy:

Blockchain Masterclass | 08, 09 & 10 May 2019

Photos of Chiliz Blockchain Campus:

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