Blockchain Masterclass
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Blockchain Masterclass

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Our Blockchain Masterclass is your passport to the revolutionised digital economy. Among the complexity of digital information, and numerous transactions passing through blockchain networks simultaneously, this course helps make sense of it all.

In collaboration with Chiliz Blockchain Campus

Ideal for:  Business leaders and tech professionals interested to explore how to take advantage of, or respond to, Blockchain's rise

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Make sense of blockchain and discover its commercial and logistical potential

Delivered over the course of three days, this masterclass will spotlight the evolution of blockchain and the digital economy, the mechanics of distributed ledger technology works, the value of mining, the stages and peculiarities of ICOs, and introduce cryptocurrencies.

100% Benefited – Blockchain Masterclass

“Detailed presentation explaining how Blockchain technology works with great visuals”

“Our blockchain tram would benefit from this course”

“For better understanding of business models using the technology, this course explained it all”

“I acquired knowledge on the way this new technology can be implemented in different industries”

Subjects covered include:

  • Evolution of the digital economy
  • Cryptography and mining of cryptocurrencies
  • Cryptocurrencies, crypto wallets, crypto exchanges, and the story of Bitcoin
  • Understand the mechanics of blockchain through a simulation
  • Distributed Ledger Technology and how it works
  • Blockchain's impact on various industries, with reference to case studies
  • What you need to set up an ICO

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High-level briefings for senior leadership and specialist professionals, our masterclasses provide exclusive insight on key topics and trends. All masterclasses include the opportunity for in-depth discussion and Q&A.

Event Details: Start time is 9:00 am, running for 6 hours including a 1-hour lunch break. Brunch and Refreshments are provided. 


In collaboration with Chiliz Blockchain Campus

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