In the weeks leading up to BAR Seminar: Blockchain And Risk Management on 24 May 2019 in Malta, we’re asking our invited expert speakers…

QUESTION: What does the future hold for blockchain and risk management?

ANSWER – Howard Poston – Cybersecurity Expert

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology, yet its security is often over-exaggerated. While its design does help protect against a variety of different security threats, the technology is vulnerable to attack.

When designing a blockchain system, it is important to perform a full risk assessment early in the process. It is important to understand the fundamental security assumptions made by blockchain technology and take action to mitigate any potential risks. The use of a private or permissioned blockchain, implementing secure key management processes, and properly designing the network used by the blockchain can go a long way toward improving the security of the system.

This is an extract from the full post on WriteClick [Fundamentals of Blockchain Network Security] in which Howard discusses three of the fundamental security assumptions of blockchain and how they are violated.

Speaker profile, Howard Poston

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