The iGaming Academy‘s course listings for 2021 is now available for download. Created in partnership with industry and academic experts as well as government and trade bodies, our training is high quality specialist content. Our courses are regularly reviewed and updated in line with the latest guidelines and industry developments.

Our courses cover a comprehensive range of essential compliance and job skill content. Featuring interactive tasks and assessments, our engaging training comes with easy to use reporting software that provides detailed feedback of completion progress, ideal for audits.

For the full list of our courses download our prospectus.

How our courses are delivered

We use a mixture of online teaching modalities via our customisable Learning Management System. Many courses are available immediately as off the shelf online training, but we also hold courses, qualifications and masterclasses via our virtual classroom. The virtual classroom allows classes to be held remotely whilst still giving the personalisation and in the moment feedback from an accredited industry expert.

Why iGaming Academy?

iGaming Academy is the leading iGaming training solution specialist. We draw on a deep pool of academic and industry expertise to provide the most accurate and up to date insight possible into the iGaming world. Across our broad range of courses we are able to customize and adapt to client needs, hassle free.

Our content has been specifically designed to maximise engagement, enhancing learning and boosting completion rates. Our training is updated automatically in line with and often before updates to regulatory requirements are made.  Every year iGaming Academy trains 40,000 learners across more than 100 companies worldwide.

For the full list of our courses download our prospectus.

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