by Ryan Smith

Are you Audit Ready?

The first two steps of becoming compliance audit ready are typically:

  1. You successfully launch a compliance eLearning program to your target audience.
  2. You set-up automated reminder emails and line manager notifications.

The compliance auditor

A compliance auditor will check if an eLearning programme was completed by all required employees. They will expect you to demonstrate that an eLearning programme has been assigned, completed and assessed by a given deadline. It is important to note that the eLearning required by employees often differs depending on jurisdiction, department or job role; customer facing employees might be assigned different eLearning compared to those that are not customer facing.

Roles, departments and custom attributes

Proving that an appropriate eLearning programme has been launched, completed and assessed is a vital part of compliance auditing. For this reason, iGaming Academy’s Learning Management System provides the functionality for you to set-up employees in a way that allows you to record attributes such as jurisdiction, department or job role as well as any other custom attribute. With these attributes recorded we can then produce reports that filter, sort and show data relevant to these attributes.

Customisable and extensive reporting

The reporting capability of iGaming Academy’s Learning Management System allows for the creation of custom reports which can then be saved and accessed at any time. The system allows you to specify your report type and then customise the data appearing in the report allowing managers to quickly produce extensive data to allow for timely and confident reporting to auditors.

These saved reports can be shared with the auditor as well as relevant managers in specific jurisdictions or departments.

Unlike other systems the data in the report is generated in real time when the report is downloaded. This means you will always be looking at the latest data.

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