Silver linings are hard to come by at the moment. Working life is, for many, as far from normal as it gets.

Markets are slowing or halted and social isolation policies take hold for ever greater numbers worldwide. “Business as usual” will take months or years to rediscover.

Our focus for now is on the immediate requirements, but soon thoughts will turn to ‘what next?’

Businesses and employees will enter a period of unprecedented time and space. With so many elements of working life on shutdown – projects paused, plans derailed, business models overturned – it will become critical (both for individuals and for businesses) to find a new focus.

Learning offers exactly that; a chance for us to find a truly positive future outcome from today’s adversity.

Once immediate concerns are in hand, the opportunity for learning and development will be generationally unique – there will never have been a time like it in history.

It is always valuable to learn something new, but in times of adversity the value increases. Rebuilding businesses that have been hit to their core will often take entirely new approaches; approaches that will require depths of imagination, strength and understanding to uncover.

Committing to learning may not seem like the priority now, but it will become a critical element in the recovery of both our businesses and ourselves.

For further information on how iGaming Academy will be delivering training during the Covid-19 pandemic, see:

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