Never underestimate the power of reports when assessing the learning and development of employees in your company. Reporting and analytical features within a Learning Management System (LMS) can have a large influence on the structure of online training programmes. They can help the Learning and Development (L&D) team better understand the learner’s understanding of a particular subject, and whether customisation of the module is required to obtain optimal results. The LMS has an abundance of information available, but essentially, it’s down to how you use it.


In iGaming Academy, our LMS can provide you with real-time-reports readily available for your L&D team to assess. There are numerous reports that can provide great insight into the learners’ participation, knowledge growth and activity on the LMS.

Voted by our Client Service Managers as the most valuable reports used by L&D teams were:

  • Learning activity report for all courses;
  • Monthly/weekly reports; and
  • Assessment diagnostic report.

Highlights into iGaming Academy’s Reporting System

Not only the reports mentioned above, but all reports generated on iGaming Academy’s LMS provide trackable and easily accessible information to assist L&D teams.

Specifically, the learning activity report for all courses shows the completion rates of all course modules for active learners. This report can be a great starting point for the L&D team to see how the learners are getting on with the training modules assigned to them. This report gives readers an overall idea of the training their staff have completed and the completion times for each training.

The monthly/weekly reports give the L&D team visibility on the number of active or inactive learners present on the system, in addition to a status summary of the activities they have participated in, showing the most popular modules per week.

Once a specific course is selected to review, the use of the assessment diagnostic report provides an overview of answers submitted during the final assessment of a module. An in-depth view of the topics the learners have mastered can be seen using this report. Additionally, it can provide insight into areas where knowledge gaps may be still present, therefore helping the L&D team determine whether further training may be needed.

Ultimately, reports generated by an LMS are an invaluable asset for training.

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