Who are Rhino Entertainment?

Rhino Entertainment Group is a fast-growing online gaming operator, founded in 2020. The company has a multi-brand strategy, operating out of a number of reputable, regulated jurisdictions from which its brands serve an ever-growing number of markets. Driven by passion, hard work, and a hunger for learning, their multinational teams, based across Malta, Macedonia, Spain, and a number of other countries, have built fantastic products which provide value-driven and exciting online entertainment through industry-leading technologies and an unmatched customer experience. Since 2022, Rhino Entertainment Group has collaborated with iGaming Academy to provide training for over 140 employees.

Why did Rhino Entertainment choose iGaming Academy?

With Rhino Entertainment Group having a requirement to introduce a Learning Management System (LMS) to facilitate training, partnering with iGaming Academy was essential to address various internal knowledge gaps. This paired with the availability of a large portfolio of courses, from expert regulatory training to courses that are localised for target audiences created a perfect match and an extremely happy relationship has been built throughout 2023.

With a HQ in Malta, and offices elsewhere in Europe, the ability to roll out specialised training to all teams in all locations has allowed Rhino Entertainment Group to upskill their new and current employees with iGaming Academy’s industry courses. With access to over 10 courses, ranging from Responsible Gambling to Anti-Money Laundering for multiple regions using our Plug-In solution, and utilising our bespoke learning management system, has transformed their in-house training. This allows content to be uploaded and gives Rhino Entertainment Group the opportunity to organise training in a blended way, offering flexibility like no other platform.

What did Rhino Entertainment Group Say?

Global Head of People and Culture at Rhino Entertainment Group, Andrea Saliba discussed his thoughts on the LMS and said,

“The iGaming Academy’s learning platform has proven to be a valuable investment for Rhino Entertainment Group, significantly fast tracking the learning and upskilling initiatives across our teams. The platform’s variety of iGaming-specific courses, timely regulatory updates, and its dynamic nature seamlessly complement our blended learning and development approach.

A nice feature is the platform’s capacity for customisation and branding, creating a cohesive extension of our learning and development team. This unique aspect fosters strong employee engagement, with some proudly showcasing their certificates on LinkedIn, instilling a sense of pride and value in their accomplishments.

Additionally, the support received from iGaming Academy has been instrumental. Whether it’s streamlining the onboarding process for new employees, incorporating new courses, or uploading internal content onto the platform, the collaboration has consistently been very efficient. The continuous support, particularly from the Client Success Team, has empowered us to fully leverage the platform’s capabilities, adding significant value at every stage of our learning initiatives.”

Andrea Saliba, Head of People & Culture

Strong Recommendation for iGaming Academy’s Bespoke Training

When asked whether they would recommend iGaming Academy to others in the industry, Andrea responded with enthusiasm,“Yes definitely! iGaming Academy provides an extremely good service, providing bespoke training, courses, and the platform. iGaming Academy adds value to our industry by offering iGaming specific courses”.

iGaming Academy’s Tailored Training Solutions

Rhino Entertainment Group’s collaboration with iGaming Academy embodies the essence of successful bespoke training solutions. With a focus on scalability, iGaming Academy’s extensive course portfolio, ranging from regulatory compliance to specialised content, and our bespoke learning platform not only facilitated a blended training approach they were seeking but also enhanced their in-house upskilling process, providing rapid progress for their employees. The partnership serves as a strong example for businesses seeking scalable, industry-specific training solutions to foster growth and excellence.

If you’re looking for a training solution that boasts award-winning industry-specific courses and is backed by a dedicated team to support your business’s training strategy, please reach out to our Business Development Manager, Tamara Hefny, at tamara.hefny@igacademy.com.

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