Who Are Interwetten?

Interwetten are pioneers of the iGaming sector, being the first provider to go online in 1997. Headquartered in Malta and offering a wide range of games such sports betting and live casino, Interwetten recognises the importance of having their staff trained and knowledgeable on Anti-Money Laundering (AML). Since 2021, Interwetten has collaborated with iGaming Academy to create specialised bespoke Anti-Money Laundering training for their employees.

Why Did Interwetten Choose iGaming Academy?

Having previously enjoyed working with our AML trainer and needing to fulfill regulatory requirements for operators in the EU, Interwetten discovered that iGaming Academy would be able to provide the right training for them. With iGaming Academy’s bespoke training capabilities, a course that would engage learners and bridge knowledge gaps was created.

Interwetten was clear that these sessions needed to be high-level, but also include time for questions with experts in AML. After creating the first bespoke course in 2021, iGaming Academy took onboard trainee feedback and created a shorter but powerful training session with practical experiences whilst tailoring it to Interwetten’s needs, which was a huge success. The course encouraged an in-depth understanding of AML processes and procedures in line with Interwetten’s commitment to ensuring that the current regulations are strictly adhered to.

What Did Interwetten Say?

Shanna Gauci, HR Manager at Interwetten said:

“We could go to other providers but we choose not to because it’s apparent that there’s a good relationship between the companies and we work well together.”

When asked whether they would recommend iGaming Academy to others in the industry, Shanna’s response was clear:

“For sure yes, without a doubt! [We’ve] never had any issues with iGaming Academy, the trainers were very knowledgeable about the course.”

iGaming Academy’s Flexibility Stands Out

Juliana Bonanno, Compliance Officer at Interwetten said:

“It’s hard to find group or service providers that are so adaptable, it’s really refreshing. Nowadays we know there isn’t a one size fits structure, it’s amazing really.”


The Benefits of Using iGaming Academy for Bespoke Training Needs

Bespoke training solutions are vital to ensure regulatory compliance. The partnership with iGaming Academy provides Interwetten with peace of mind that their staff are kept up to date with the latest AML processes and procedures. By offering bespoke comprehensive courses, either virtually or in person, featuring expert trainers, and fostering a constructive learning environment, iGaming Academy takes great pride in helping our clients enhance their team’s knowledge and understanding of industry specific topics. From Responsible Gambling, Anti-Money Laundering, iGaming Strategy and many others, iGaming Academy ensures your staff are trained to the highest standard.

If you’re looking for bespoke training specific to your business’, or an individual within your organisation, please reach out to our Business Development Manager, Marija Bozic, at marija.bozic@igacademy.com.

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