Navigating Brazil’s New Regulatory Landscape


On September 13th, Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies approved the government’s gambling bill, one of the final steps in the long journey to regulate online gambling in Brazil.

Bill 3,626/23 is now with the Federal Senate. While online gambling is now legal in Brazil, further amendments will follow.

Whether you’re looking to diversify from existing licensed markets or expand operations into Brazil, navigating the new regulatory landscape is essential. Business models need to be aligned with the new legislation and staff need training and support to ensure they understand their responsibilities.

In this article, I explore the key points of Brazil’s online gambling regulations and how to ensure your business and team can confidently meet the compliance standards.


  1. The Evolution Of Gambling Regulations In Brazil
  2. New Regulations: Sports Betting And Online Casino
  3. Ensuring Regulatory Compliance and Responsible Gambling

1. The Evolution Of Gambling Regulations In Brazil

Almost all gambling activities have been prohibited in Brazil until recently. In fact, gambling as a concept doesn’t exist in Brazilian law. Instead, the terms ‘game’, ‘game of chance’ and ‘bet’ are used to describe these activities.

A general ban on games of chance was imposed in 1941, with state-owned lotteries, horse race betting and, surprisingly, poker being the only legal………..

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