Keeping up with the fast-paced nature of the iGaming industry is a crucial component of your ongoing professional growth. Whether this includes keeping up with the latest trends or updated regulations, it’s essential to consider continuous learning as a fundamental element of your personal development within your professional role. At iGaming Academy, we take pride at our commitment to developing innovative e-learning content that provides our clients with multiple avenues to enhance their ongoing learning experiences.

And how do we go about this?

Well, once an idea is finalised, and the learning outcomes and target audience are agreed upon, we engage with an internal or external Subject Matter Expert who provides us with the content that serves as our base.

The content is then vetted in an extensive review process by our Head of Content & e-Learning Development, Gaby, and Head of Research & Compliance, Yuliya. Once signed off and approved for development, the content is passed on to our instructional designers to begin structuring the course through storyboarding.

What’s storyboarding?

Well, this includes but is not limited to, organising the layout of pages, selecting the correct functionalities to use, and the placing of content, scenarios, and assessment questions throughout the course. Once complete, a further in-depth review is conducted by the Heads of Department before we loop in our Creative Team.

Working closely with our illustrator, we create imagery that effectively conveys the course material by providing them with an image glossary that includes a detailed concept of each image. This process also undertakes a thorough review process, as multiple sketches are created and tweaked to ensure the imagery reflects the course content.

With the course content and imagery signed off, the course is then built on our e-learning platform by our content managers, with more reviews being carried out, including meticulous grammar and functionality checks to ensure the training runs smoothly. The course is then given a final sign off from Gaby, who then works closely with our marketing team in getting the training launched.


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Author: Lauren McCann, Content Manager

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