Responsible gambling has always been a topic of concern across the iGaming industry. Gambling products are designed to be fun and fresh, capitalising on the excitement that only comes from playing with real money.

Problem gambling is therefore a major concern for any company; no-one wants to be responsible for a product or service that either caused harm or failed to adequately monitor customer behaviour.


Compliance is the science

For this reason the industry works closely with region specific compliance authorities and regulators, to keep iGaming fun and safe. Of course that is easier said than done, with many companies dedicating entire departments to compliance and legal matters to ensure their services are ethical, legal and representative of the face the industry wants to project.

iGaming does not sweep the potential negative impacts of unregulated gambling under the rug. It benefits neither player nor business, only leading to fines and diminished public opinion, which in turn leads to stricter compliance legislation.

New legislation only increases the pressure on companies as they scramble to adhere to the latest standards, ultimately draining more money than the fines themselves. This negative feedback loop can quickly escalate, which is why the industry is keen to up compliance efforts in any way possible, such as through Problem Gambling Awareness Month (PGAM).


Upholding compliance standards

Upholding compliance standards amidst legislation that is constantly reviewed and updated is difficult, and many companies turn to accredited training providers such as iGaming Academy. When it comes to compliance training, the iGaming Academy is a Swiss Army knife, we always have just the tool required, adaptable for many different purposes.

Scalable from startup to conglomerate, we help more than 100 clients in more than 30 jurisdictions and countries. We make it simple, managing training accounts remotely with regular auditable reports for clients to monitor completion rates.

Elearning engagement is extremely important to us as a training provider, as it not only increases completion rates but speed to completion as well. Our statistics reflect the effort we put into optimising learning experience with completions rates increasing 18% in the last three years across an average of 11,566 users taking our Responsible Gaming course.

Boosting learning engagement by almost a fifth is never easy, but we are committed to our compliance cause, as are the dedicated clients we manage, year after year.


Boosting Compliance Credentials

At iGaming Academy we help clients earn and keep their compliance credentials, all courses come with certification and are updated automatically in line with the latest regulation, no matter what vertical.

Our Responsible Gaming course is particularly popular, available in a large variety of jurisdiction specific verticals spanning Europe, America and Africa. Responsible gaming  has been a particularly important subject for years in iGaming and a great focus for PGAM in the USA this month with a variety of talks and other events covering emerging trends, prevention strategies and treatment resources.

This month really only makes up a small percentage of the work that goes into upholding and advancing compliance standards every second of every day. But by shining a spotlight on the issues at hand it provides professionals the chance to put our heads together for the greater good of the iGaming industry, and look forward to the future.

Looking to benchmark your training program? contact us for advice on training strategy, management and timescale.



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