Yggdrasil Gaming has been leading the way as one of the key innovators in the iGaming industry with their popular online slots, table games and pioneering promotional toolset, BOOST. They pride themselves on pushing boundaries, the pursuit of perfection and a hardcore dedication to the gaming community. Live in nearly twenty countries, Yggdrasil has the inside track on breaking into regulated markets across the globe.

In 2020 Yggdrasil introduced their Global Publishing vision – to become the Leading Global Publisher of Online Gambling Content – by building a global iGaming partner aggregation network with market leading operators, YG Masters partners and Franchisees. It is all powered by their pioneering GATI technology, a true game changer for the iGaming industry as it enables all network partners to build, add and share content.

Yggdrasil’s compliance training program

Yggdrasil acknowledges that gambling may be addictive if it is not provided in a fair and secure environment. Consequently, they take responsibility that their products comply with the strict requirements upheld by relevant authorities across the jurisdictions and market environments they operate in.

Yggdrasil takes compliance very seriously, ensuring that all staff are up to date with the necessary regulatory requirements. Their compliance training covers Anti-money laundering, Responsible Gaming and GDPR. The company also puts a strong emphasis on information security ensuring all staff are trained up to the standard required of their role.

Playing Yggdrasil games should be entertaining but also be done in a responsible manner. Yggdrasil closely monitors that they comply with all necessary and relevant industry best practices and regulatory requirements to provide their gaming solutions in a safe and healthy environment for the end player. Even though Yggdrasil is a B2B supplier, and they don’t hold a direct relationship with the end player, they always aim to offer gaming solutions in a safe and fun end-user environment. Yggdrasil’s game-client includes software to enable players to gamble responsibly and to support their licensees with responsible gaming controls.

In pursuit of perfection

Since partnering up with iGaming Academy back in 2018, Yggdrasil has always strived to achieve a 100% completion rate for all of their compliance training.

So far Yggdrasil has trained nearly 400 staff members across Malta, Sweden, Gibraltar, Spain, Poland and the UK. On their branded portal, Yggdrasil particularly enjoys the accessibility and in addition to their own courses, uses the extra resources to complement their training.

“iGaming Academy was the natural partner for us when it comes to fulfilling our compliance training obligations. IGA’s bespoke e-learning portal have suited our ways of working – being efficient, user-friendly and a highly adaptable online tool. Having staff in many different locations we rely heavily on easily integrated solutions with a trackable reporting functionality that meets audit demands for ISO 27001 standard purposes.”


Milena Karlsson

Deputy HR Director


Solutions: LMS Learning Management System; Custom Course Content
Total Trained: 400+ users
Results: High quality training across multiple locations

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