When looking to hire the right person for that position you are trying to fill, it is often the case that recruiters will want to know more than just what’s written in a CV or spoken about in an interview.

Pre-employment tests are common and especially useful in fast moving industries where candidates are expected to be continually keeping pace with best practices. An example of this would be when recruiting for a software development position.

As remote working becomes more common place, especially in the current climate, employers are looking to test remotely. Remote online testing using platforms such as iGaming Academy’s Learning Management System allows recruiters to easily send out links to tests for candidates to complete.

iGaming Academy’s platform allows recruiters to set up assessments with a range of different useful options such as:

  • Setting time limits;
  • Randomising the order of questions asked;
  • Picking a range of questions from a bank of questions;
  • Reporting tools that allow recruiters to drill down into the details;
  • Reporting on the confidence of the learner as well as accuracy.

Recently iGaming Academy has developed assessments that dynamically scale in difficulty depending on the accuracy of answers the candidate is submitting.

Get in touch today to see how you can use iGaming Academy’s Learning Management System in your organisation from pre-employment, ongoing compliance, and skills training to a range of HR tools and more.

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