by Gabriella Rizzo, iGaming Academy

iGaming Academy provides safer gambling training for land-based and online operators worldwide. The training offered by iGaming Academy covers the full range of safer gambling topics, including:

Player Verification

Our Responsible Gaming and KYC training courses introduce employees to the principles and practical steps involved in customer verification and prevention of underaged gambling. Our training ensures all gaming employees know their responsibilities around KYC and understand its importance in ensuring customer safety and mitigating harmful activity.

Problem Gambling Assistance

Courses are available for both land-based and online operators, training learners to spot the signs of problem gambling and take the necessary action to mitigate harm.

Problem Gambling Safeguards

All our courses include clear guidance on guarding against problem gambling and responsible gambling tools, including deposit and time limits, self-exclusion, and time-out facilities.  Responsible advertising blocks ensure the marketing and advertising activities are carried out in line with social responsibility requirements.


We provide specialist training on CRM Management that includes clear guidance on mitigating problem gambling, and showing how an effective CRM program can be conducted safely.


Effective Training For Gaming Operators

iGaming Academy provides safer gambling, regulatory compliance and job skills training for land-based and online operators worldwide. Connect with us today.

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