iGaming is growing fast.

It’s anticipated the industry will be valued in excess of 94 billion dollars by 2024, roughly double what it’s worth today. As a result, there’s huge demand for talent to drive this growth – and industry experience isn’t even a requirement. With roles on offer ranging from tech, product, marketing, customer service, operations, analytics, sales and more, there’s no shortage of opportunity. And once you’ve entered the online gambling industry, your skills will be highly prized (as you can see from our latest Salary Survey).

Having said that, companies in online gambling are high-profile employers looking for the best of the best. So how can you enter this lucrative and exciting sector? At Pentasia we’ve worked closely with the igaming industry since our inception in 2001, placing 7500+ candidates into jobs worldwide. So here’s our guide to the qualification, experience, skills and attributes you need to get into igaming, followed by some bonus tips. Good luck!

Qualifications: This varies by company and role. Sometimes you’ll need to be degree educated, although there’s evidence that this is requirement is falling across tech employers generally. For functions like legal or finance, a specific degree is often required. For technology roles, computer science or engineering qualifications usually helps, but isn’t essential; especially if you have experience, an online portfolio or can demonstrate your abilities in a coding task. Whichever discipline you’re specialised in, an igaming specific e-learning course can also help boost your CV and ensure you stand out against other applicants.

Experience: The good news is that since talent is in high demand, many igaming firms don’t require industry experience. However, it helps if you’ve got experience in a fast-paced digital environment such as fintech or media. Be sure to tailor your experience on your CV to highlight the relevant experience for the positions you’re applying for.

Skills: Online gambling is a digital business, so it is vital that candidates are technologically savvy. Since the industry is very international, speaking multiple languages will give you a boost, especially if you are applying to customer facing roles. For technical skills, always remember to list specific programs you’re proficient in on your CV so it gets picked up by hiring algorithms.

Attributes: The igaming industry moves fast, with new product releases, regulations and technologies coming thick and fast. Companies therefore look for candidates who are agile, adapt to change and learn fast. The industry is collaborative and tight-knit (particularly in hubs like Malta, it seems like everyone knows each other!) so while confidence is importance, humility doesn’t hurt either.

Our top 5 tips for success:

Learn about iGaming: If you’re not coming from the industry, research the online gambling sector so you develop a solid understanding of the sector. Sites like iGaming Business, and iGaming Academy can help, as well our Career guide to working in the sector.

Be strategic: Select roles to apply for based on your skills, qualifications and interests, rather than firing your CV out at random. Tailor your CV towards the positions you’re applying to, and send personalised messages or a cover letter to your most-wanted opportunities, stating your desire to work in the industry and why you think you’d be a fit.

Always be networking: Personal introductions are powerful, and the chances are you know someone who knows someone who works in iGaming – so ask to be put in touch. You can also use LinkedIn or industry meet-ups (search on Meetup, Eventbrite) to directly connect with people in the industry to enquire about job openings. Working with a specialist igaming recruiter will help too.

Be bold: The online gambling space is innovative and packed full of talented people. To make yourself stand out, don’t be afraid to speak out, highlight your skills and target competitive roles.

Be persistent: Online gambling is a sought-after industry to work in, meaning that competition for roles can be fierce. Don’t be put off by rejection: believe in yourself, keep going and you’re bound to land the right role.

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