In the weeks leading up to BAR Seminar: Blockchain And Risk Management on 24 May 2019 in Malta, we’re asking our blockchain experts…

QUESTION: What does the future hold for blockchain and risk management?

ANSWER – James Lephew, Blockchain Academy

Blockchain is the future, and the future is happening right now. This disruptive technology is already improving our lives, and most of us are not even aware of it. With these strides however, there are also a number of risks that we now have to prepare for – as a business, an industry, and as individuals.

Blockchain is a powerful tool, with the potential to reduce the increasing risks related to data privacy, regulations, cyber-security, automation, and even ethics. That is why we’re organising BAR Blockchain And Risk Seminar, bringing together many of the world’s foremost blockchain experts so that we can start having this conversation and learn how to harness this incredible technology for our own benefit.

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BAR Seminar | 24 May 2019

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