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Business … what?

Some people might have kept scrolling when they saw what this article is about – but you didn’t! Good job, that’s the first step. It may seem like a heavy topic, but knowing how to make the best use of your vast mountains of data through the use of business analytics properly can teach you a lot about your customers and help you plan appropriately for the future. This is definitely one asset that can be used to gain competitive advantage, something that will come in handy in this industry.

Essentially Business Analytics is a way of developing new insights and gaining an understanding of business performance based on data collected through methodical exploration and statistical analysis. So basically, it can answer the what, why, how, where, and when questions you’ve been overlooking, and all you need to do is know how to use the data.

Analysing your Business

The ABC of Business Analytics

Gaming companies, in fact all online businesses, are inundated with data. However, thankfully there are state-of-the-art tools that help us collect and handle it all. The issue is that without the expertise to manage and interpret it all that’s a huge missed opportunity.

Business analytics is a nifty evaluation tool for organisation-wide operations and can be implemented in any department from sales to product development to customer service. (Hint – when you get the hang of this, don’t just confine it to one sector of your company, get the most out of it!).

The problem with not basing your next move on hard facts and running things on a gut feeling and because things seem pretty good right now is that it could cost you in the long run. You could be smashing your quarterly goals and have revenue flooding in, but unfortunately things aren’t always as they seem to be at first glance.

By neglecting to look at what tools are working with which clients and what isn’t for example, you could be missing out on essential information that would give you an indication of what you’re doing right and wrong, and how to become an even better version of what you are today. So using business analytics is technically just like levelling up. That’s a nicer way of looking at it anyway.

This is THE Course for YOU if …

OK – think less political campaign and more we want to help you and your business succeed. This course is perfect for you if you are involved or interested in the analysis, or on the receiving end, of data. It has also been tailor-made to suit the iGaming industry, which is an added perk as you will get real life, practical situations presented to you.

Through the course you’ll gain insight into customer trends and learn to analyse data. You’ll look at metrics, learn how to understand data visualisations, master how to analyse a campaign, and the like. You get the picture; we’ll basically take you through everything you need to know to become a boss in business analytics.

Become a Data Champion with iGaming Academy

We’re surprised you got this far without opening a different tab and booking, BUT, if you still need a little nudge then get this – our trainer has been working in this field in the iGaming industry for 10 years. Impressive, we know. There you go! The face-to-face training course will take place on the 3rdand 5th of April, and we can’t wait to watch you all leave as experts in business analytics (with your certificate to prove it and all!)

iGaming Academy offers a wide varierty of courses and resources to get you compliant and trained across all parts of the industry with training ranging from Face-to-Face, Masterclasses and eLearning.

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