Jon-Paul Calleja

Digital Marketing Specialist

Greetings from the marketing frontier! I’m Jon-Paul Calleja, but you can call me JP. With a decade of marketing wizardry under my belt and a knack for teaching, think of me as your compass guiding you through the ever-changing seas of digital marketing, with a special flair for iGaming, fintech, and web3.
My teaching style is like an interactive lab. We roll up our sleeves, dive into real-world examples, and get our hands dirty. I’m all about helping you build a toolkit to turn theory into action.My secret sauce? I’m an Agile-certified marketer that blends the latest tactics and technology with foundational theory to provide you with a roadmap to digital marketing success. My radar is always tuned in to the latest tech waves, particularly MarTech, AI and web3, and how they are revolutionizing the digital marketing landscape.When I’m not in the marketing trenches, you’ll find me riding the waves with my surfboard or exploring the ocean depths in my scuba gear. Life’s too short not to make a splash, right?
Ready to amp up your marketing skills? Let’s embark on this journey together!
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