As businesses slowly find their way and try to navigate their next steps through the turbulence of 2020, it’s clearer than ever that innovation, training and upskilling will be businesses’ best allies. Beyond “weathering the storm”, it’s critical that employers find the right processes and continue to evolve.

The iGaming industry has proven largely stable and robust; it has adapted quickly and effectively to these challenging times. However, challenge equals opportunity for every entrepreneurial mind. With the right tools in one’s arsenal, companies that adapted quickly to the new modus operandi have managed to achieve continuity with the least possible disruption.

Continuity, however, can only secure stability. Future success, and growth, will only be achieved by companies who continue to embrace traits like innovation, training and upskilling.

In the last few months, we have witnessed how our clients have deployed widespread changes to their HR and training programmes: migrating from face to face to virtual learning; modifying their training and induction programmes; and moving their internal communications online.

Our clients have, in recent months introduced changes such as:

Induction days, now conducted via elearning courses, where new joiners can have their whole orientation training via a well-constructed online portal of courses and resources, complete with all the necessary visual aids (presentations, videos and even quizzes.)

Announcing new policies through our online learning platform; from company departments like HR to individual managers. Clients have uploaded policies, announcements, training and that can be communicated instantly with the whole company or with a specific team. HR departments, for example,upload their “return to the office” company policy, making it easily accessible from all employees.

Virtual training and uploading training material on the portal. Training that used to take place face to face, has now moved into an elearning form. Many of our clients are finding it equally successful and efficient, and enjoying the benefits of easier training access for all employees.

Without a shadow of the doubt, digital transformation has played a key role in how companies, employers and employees managed not only to continue working but also to improve their way of conducting business.

iGaming Academy continues to work closely with our clients in order to provide the right solutions for them. Our online learning portal – or Learning Management System (LMS) – has become the versatile tool that they need – offering them a variety of services that not only help them continue business as usual but find new ways to be more efficient and productive.

In recent months, iGaming Academy has continued updating our training services, introducing new courses that reflect the current needs of the market.

To support the iGaming industry at this turbulent time, we have offered businesses free COVID-19 Readiness eLearning courses, with the aim of getting land-based casinos, retail betting shops and corporate office environments to continue work safely. These courses include the latest updates from World Health Organisation (WHO), the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

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