Getting “market-ready” is a critical first step for employees in iGaming. Understanding how specific products work, the relevant regulations and operational safety standards is a pre-requisite for staff in all departments. In this article we review 5 ways iGaming Academy can prepare your teams to enter the market.

What does it mean to be “market-ready” in iGaming? First, it means that your staff understand the principles of the iGaming industry – how online gambling works, and the different types of games and products available to customers. It means your staff have been trained for all eventualities, whether that is compliance training to fulfil regulatory requirements, or learning in more detail about the product that you are taking to market.

And training isn’t just a necessity – it can also significantly improve business outcomes. According to one LinkedIn report, 94% of employees say that they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career development. Investing in your staff means getting them ready for anything that comes their way, but what does that entail in the iGaming industry?

Let’s explore 5 ways that iGaming Academy can help get your staff “market-ready”…

  1. Providing an all-in-one Learning Management System

An LMS (Learning Management System) is a software program that provides organisations with the ability to manage, track, document, report, and automate educational content. With iGaming Academy, you also get dedicated account and content managers, ensuring that your needs will be met. Having content all in one place helps keep everyone on track, with all relevant policies and training courses kept together for your convenience.

  1. Delivering jurisdiction-specific compliance Training

With such strict regulations and procedures dictating various jurisdictions, it’s important to have the most up-to-date information. iGaming Academy provides off-the-shelf courses as well as virtual and in person classrooms with industry leaders and subject-matter experts from a broad range of specialist disciplines, who lead online and in-person training worldwide. Our courses are regularly updated to ensure staff are always up to speed with the latest regulations.

  1. Offering bespoke training covering your company’s offering

Our LMS allows for bespoke content to be added. This could be our off-the-shelf courses with some added information relating to your company, or specific content such as internal training, ranging from videos or presentations which require confirmation of attendance. This means your staff will not only be “market-ready”, but in fact primed to operate successfully within your company’s specific area.

  1. Teaching core iGaming knowledge and skills

With expansion and growth comes a need to train staff, whether new or existing, on areas that might be new to them. With courses ranging from our virtual Introduction to iGaming and Online Casino Management instantly available on our LMS, our courses are perfectly placed to prepare your employees for any market.

  1. Tracking employee engagement and completed assessments

Confirmation of completed assessments is a necessity for internal reporting and – crucially – regulatory audit. Our LMS uses advanced tracking and reporting features for both live and complete data, with different reports available with easy-to-understand graphics – vital for performance appraisals and proof of training when it comes to auditing.

With an LMS that hosts regularly updated off-the-shelf compliance training and bespoke content with powerful assessment reports, preparing your employees to be “market-ready” has never been easier.

If you’re looking to get your employees “market-ready”, find out more about our LMS or get in touch with us today for a demo and let us show how we can aid your organisation.

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