Stephanie Grech

Fraud, KYC and Payments Expert

Stephanie is a highly skilled professional with extensive experience in the online gambling industry. With a strong background in payments, fraud prevention, and KYC, Stephanie has consistently demonstrated expertise in ensuring secure and compliant transactions within the industry.

Having spent 14+ years working in this dynamic field, she possesses in-depth knowledge of payment processing systems, risk management strategies, and regulatory requirements. Furthermore, Stephanie is well-versed in KYC procedures, having actively participated in the development and implementation of comprehensive customer verification protocols.

Throughout her career, she has successfully collaborated with cross-functional teams, including compliance officers, legal experts, and IT professionals, to optimise processes and minimise risk. Her strong analytical skills, coupled with a keen eye for identifying suspicious activities, have proven instrumental in mitigating fraudulent behaviour and safeguarding the interests of online gambling operators.

As a solution-oriented professional, Stephanie remains up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices. She is committed to continuous learning and improvement, ensuring she stays ahead of emerging threats while maintaining a seamless user experience.

Her passion lies in ensuring a secure and responsible online gaming environment for organisations operating in the online gambling industry.

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