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Kick-start your online sportsbook journey with our suite of eLearning courses on US sports betting.

Our headline Online Sportsbook course explores the burgeoning multi-state US online sportsbook market and shares key success factors in running a sportsbook online in the USA. It’s an essential course for anyone building an US online sportsbook team or exploring a career in the industry.

Covers the regulation of multiple US jurisdictions: New Jersey (NJ), West Virginia (WV), Mississippi (MS), Pennsylvania (PA) and Nevada (NV)

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US Online Sportsbook

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US Online Sportsbook

Frequently Asked Questions

Which US States have legalized Sports Betting?

Since 2018’s landmark Supreme Court ruling on sportsbook, the following seven states now host legal, state-regulated sports betting activity;

  • New Jersey (NJ)
  • Delaware (DW)
  • West Virginia (WV)
  • Mississippi (MS)
  • Pennsylvania (PA)
  • Rhode Island (RD)
  • Nevada (NV)

Other states close to turning on sports betting include Iowa, Indiana, Tennessee and Montana. New York (NY) and Arkansas (AR) also recently passed bills on the matter. There is a strong tide towards legalization across multiple states, and the landscape is changing on a monthly basis.

Updated: May 2019

What are the primary opportunities in the US gaming market?

The US sports betting industry is set to be worth $8bn by 2030; an enourmous opportunity that will comprise a significant share of the global market.

Currently, established land-based operators, and online brands with existing user bases stand in the strongest position in the race for dominance. The biggest opportunities come in the form of partnerships between established bricks and mortar casinos and innovative digital platform providers, whose combined strengths provide a key edge.

The first states to fully legalize sports betting have seen impressive growth of the sector in their first trading periods, and attracted both businesses and substantial investment. With so many States likely to legalize in the coming months and years, there remains a substantial opportunity for operators, suppliers and service providers of all sizes.

What is key to success when entering the US sports betting market?

As with any new business venture or market entry, it’s important to devise detailed plans before executing new activity. The US sports betting market presents a significant opportunity, but competition for market share will be intense, so a clear strategy is required for success.

Gaming industry expert Ross Phillips shares his key factors for success in US sports betting in this blog: US Sportsbook – Primary Opportunities and Key Considerations

What is Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and what does it involve?

U.S. gaming operations are subject to federal anti-money laundering requirements to safeguard the integrity of the casino industry and the U.S. financial system. US -based gaming companies have to ensure compliance with the legal requirements of the federal Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and associated anti-money laundering (AML) statutes and regulations.

Learn how to combat financial crime and this regulatory training requirement as part of license terms: Anti-Money Laundering & Proceeds of Crime

How important is customer service in online sports betting?

Customer Service excellence is critically important in the modern online gambling industry, where brand loyalty and customer retention wins the day. Customer Service is often one of the first few teams set up in a new iGaming Operation. 

Learn how different Customer Service roles contribute to the smooth and successful running of a company in our course: Customer Service

How important is CRM Strategy in the US sports betting market?

Very important – There is an opportunity for iGaming operators to take a strong position in the new market. It is therefore important to win loyalty early in the game and retain as many customers as possible after their first interaction.

Learn how to build an effective CRM programme with a foundation on customer psychology and insights. Ideal for gaming and online gambling operators: CRM Customer Relationship Management

What training does iGaming Academy offer on US sports betting?

iGaming Academy’s suite of US Sportsbook courses for business and professionals ready to explore the US sports betting market post-PASPA.

Tailored to the market, the exclusive courses outline the key principles that constitute a successful sportsbook and cover training on compliance and reulatory requirements of multiple US jurisdictions: New Jersey, West Virginia, Mississippi, Pennsylvania and Nevada.

Book any US Online Sportsbook eLearning suite for individual access OR add to your custom-branded Learning Management System.