Sexual Harassment In The Workplace (US Regulation)

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The purpose of this training is to help you better understand what sexual harassment is and show you how to correct and report sexual harassment at the workplace to promote a safe working environment.

Ideal for:  Professionals working in any industry within the US, designed for companies with 15 or more employees, including state and local governments.

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Learn what sexual harassment is and how to correct and report sexual harassment at the workplace, while promoting a safe working environment

This course provides the definitions of a hostile working environment, unwanted sexual advances and verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature which constitute workplace sexual harassment.

The course outlines the corporate policies and procedures, the responsibilities of supervisors and refers to laws and regulations that help protect employees who might be subject to sexual harassment.

Within the course, you will find topics ranging from Quid Pro Quo, Sex Stereotyping, Reporting Obligations, Complaint Process and Counselling Services.

The learning objectives in this course are to:

  • Identify sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Recognise examples of sexual harassment
  • Define different forms of sexual harassment
  • Recognise your responsibility to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace

This course is available via eLearning: an interactive format accessible worldwide. eLearning courses can be purchased individually, or added to your company’s own branded LMS Learning Management System.

Access will be for 1 year and will be provided within 1 working day, to the email address specified at purchase. You should receive your login details from training@igacademy.com, if you haven’t received this information within 1 hour after receiving confirmation that your order has been finalised and access has been given then please check your spam folder.

The duration of the course is approximately 1 hour and its CPD value 1 hour as well.

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