Upsell for Success
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Upsell for Success

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Upsell your potential, and make every sale count with this practical and empowering course.

Ideal for:  Customer-facing staff and those with direct sales responsibility.

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Learn proven upselling techniques for achieving success every day

Making every sale count will be our focus in this inspiring course. We’ll discuss the concept of a “USP” (Unique Selling Point) and the various sales techniques that an individual can apply to achieve incremental sales. Mastering sales techniques is a great motivator for the participant and a pathway to additional revenue for the company.

  • What is a USP? What is the USP for your company and for you?
  • Key techniques and thought processes to improving revenue opportunities.
  • Upselling: what is it and what are the potential successful outcomes?
  • Successful Upselling techniques.
  • Why we are ALL sales people – if we are not directly selling we are serving someone who is.
  • Sales success strategies – discussion in detail.
  • Creating the link between Upselling and Positive Guest Satisfaction.
  • Reflection and Quiz.

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