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Going the Extra Mile: Responsible Gaming in the Age of COVID-19

Next Available: 15 & 17 Sept 2020 | Course [Online]

Responsible gaming standards have often been viewed through the lens of the need to fill in a regulatory checkbox. The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic brings a multitude of challenges to the gaming industry, and many of these challenges can best be viewed through the implementation of strong RG protocols, which at their core are about creating a safe gaming environment for both patrons and team members.

Dates & Times: 15 & 17 September – 7am PDT / 10am EDT / 3pm BST / 4pm CEST
Duration: 2 sessions each lasting 3 hours

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Learn the principles of Responsible Gaming

This masterclass will provide participants with a working knowledge of the principles of RG, and discuss how the development and implementation of high RG standards can not only address the requirements of state compacts or regulators, but result in a gaming environment that is both entertaining and safe for its patrons, while at the same time providing benefit to the organisation and its team members.

Trainers will discuss the latest version of the American Gaming Association’s (AGA) Responsible Gaming Code of Conduct, as well as the contributions and viewpoints of relevant organisations such as the International Center for Responsible Gaming (ICRG), and the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG). Participants will learn to differentiate between recreational gambling and problematic gambling behavior, about some of the research that has led to our current understanding of problem gambling as an illness with a significant biological component, and about resources available to those who are suffering from a gambling problem, as well as their families.

The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on those who suffer from a gambling problem as well as available resources will be discussed. The presenters will engage in storytelling to discuss how gambling problems have significantly affected their respective lives, and put a human face on RG in the context of the person it is designed to help. Participants will learn about the range of RG tools that are available to assess which ones might be a good fit for their organisation, and how the presence of COVID-19 will likely alter many of these tools in the near-term. Finally, the presenters will make the case for RG as a beneficial and sustainable business model.

Session 1: Why Responsible Gaming, and What Does COVID-19 Have to Do with It?

This module defines what responsible gaming consists of and how RG concepts are a natural fit for contextualising and addressing concerns about COVID-19, discusses the most recent AGA Code of Conduct with regards to responsible gaming, the contributions of organisations such as ICRG and NCPG, IGRA, as well as the role local affiliates play.

Session 2: What is Problem Gambling, and is it Real?

This module discusses the differences between recreational gambling and problem gambling, the signs and symptoms of problem gambling, DSM-5 diagnostic criteria, and what we know about biology and risk factors.

Session 3: Problem Gambling Treatment and Resources for Problem Gamblers and Their Families
This module discusses the various formal and self-help treatment modalities available for problem gamblers and their families, and also provides a view of responsible gaming practices as a potential resource; the impact of COVID-19 on resources and on the treatment and recovery community will be discussed.

Session 4: A Tale of Two Stories

This module puts a human face on those that RG is designed to help protect/connect to resources. Presenters will engage in storytelling, both from the point of view of someone suffering from the illness of problem gambling as well as the viewpoint of a family member, and discuss how problem gambling has affected each of their lives. Responsible gaming as a potential intervention tool will be discussed.

Session 5: RG Tools: What’s Right for My Organisation?

Discusses the various front-end/back-end and self-maintenance approaches to responsible gaming with regards to customer education and intervention, as well as training modalities for gaming property team members; group discussion on how COVID-19 will affect some/all of these.

Session 6: The Business Case for RG

This module discusses the range of regulatory requirements that one may encounter, cost/benefit of implementing responsible gaming, potential public relations scenarios, and long-term business model within an RG framework.

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Next Date(s): 15 & 17 Sept 2020 | Course [Online]


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