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GSA Lecture Series: Third-Party Game Interface (TPI) Part 1 – Game Configuration

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Learn how online games are configured and launched using the Third-Party Game Interface (TPI) from the Gaming Standards Association (GSA) – the protocol used for communications between iGaming Platforms, Remote Game Services, and Progressive Jackpot Services.

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The Third-Party Game Interface (TPI) is designed specifically for online gaming. It provides a standard set of commands that online games can use to communicate with gaming platforms and jackpot controllers, making integration faster and more efficient.

TPI includes functionality for configuring games, launching games, reporting wagers and wins, reporting contributions to jackpots, and managing jackpot awards. It addresses all the integration needs of online games, gaming platforms, and jackpot controllers.

This segment covers game discovery and configuration. It also includes information about the structure and communication of TPI commands. Additional segments in this series cover game play and jackpots.

On completing this course, students will:

  • Be familiar with the command structure used by TPI.
  • Understand the options available for communicating commands between end-points.
  • Understand the parameters of the Game Launch URL.
  • Be familiar with the process for creating Betting Configurations for games.
  • Be familiar with the process for creating Free-Spin Configurations for games.

Understand how Betting Configurations and Free-Spin Configurations are selected for a game.

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