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Management Skills

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Develop core workplace and leadership skills with 4 modules on motivation, stress management, time management and communication.


We’ve all worked for a great manager, but what does it take to become one yourself?

Along with increased seniority comes increased responsiblity. As a manager you’re not only responsible for your own work, but also for the performance of business plans, individuals and teams. It’s a role even the strongest of leaders can be ill-prepared for, lacking the skillset to keep so many different elements on track.

So how does a manager lead effectively, resolve problems and turn strategies into successes?

Management Skills is a 4-module masterclass designed to equip you with everything you need to manage daily workplace operations with confidence and competence. From motivating teams to controlling stress, communicating effectively to staying productive, you’ll leave with a complete management skillset that can be applied to all aspects of working life.

MODULE 1 – Motivation

MODULE 2 – Stress Management

MODULE 3 – Time Management

MODULE 4 – Communication

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Trainer: Pitor Zajaczkowski



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Suitability: Ideal for junior to mid-level management and team leaders looking to step up their responsibility, or companies seeking to create future leaders.

Course Details

Management Skills runs over multiple dates throughout Feburary and March 2018:

Monday 12 February, 2018 – 17:30
Wednesday 14 February, 2018 – 17:30

Monday 19 February, 2018 – 17:30
Wednesday 21 February, 2018 – 17:30

Monday 26 February, 2018 – 17:30
Wednesday 28 February, 2018 – 17:30

Monday 05 March, 2018 – 17:30
Wednesday 07 March, 2018 – 17:30

Duration: 3.5 Hours
Venue: iGaming Academy Training Centre, St Julians, Malta

Total Duration: 28 Hours

What You’ll Learn

Module 1 – Motivation

Understanding where motivation comes from is the first step to enhancing it. We’ll look at sources of motivation, and common problems we all encounter when looking for it.  With reference to a variety of theories and techniques, you’ll discover ways to enhance your own and your team’s motivation.

  • Key concepts and definitions
  • Motivation problems at work
  • The FLOW – Finding solutions to enhance motivation
  • Change implementation
  • Improving work-life balance
  • Self-motivation techniques

Module 2 – Stress Management

Stress, when properly understood and well managed, can add energy and drive to a workplace. But equally, stress can derail even the best of plans. We’ll examine emotional types, common triggers, and various forms of stress before exploring strategies for conflict resolution, charismatic leadership and self-assurance.

  • Emotional quotient scoring
  • Conflict management
  • Stress management
  • Leadership & charisma

Module 3 – Time Management

Time is money, but in the modern workplace we’re deluged with demands on our time. It can be difficult to stay focused on what’s important. We’ll discover practical tactics for prioritising, planning and increasing productivity, with a specific reference to your daily workload.

  • Key concepts and definitions
  • Prioritization strategies and techniques
  • Planning strategies and techniques
  • Increasing productivity

Module 4 – Communication

In this largest module of the 4, we’ll learn advanced communication techniques useful at all stages of your career (and beyond!) From body language and tone through to neuro-linguistic programming and public speaking, this in-depth module has something for every type of communicator. We’ll also learn how to adapt our communication style for different personalities, for customers, and for those from other cultures.

  • Key concepts and definitions
  • Assertiveness, inc case studies
  • Communication strategies & techniques
  • Agressive and soft tactics
  • Personality styles – adapting your communication
  • Practical workshop
  • Presentation & public speaking
  • Customer service communication
  • Multicultural communication

Ideal for junior to mid-level management and team leaders looking to step up their responsibility, or companies seeking to create future leaders.

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Additional information

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Malta – 12 Feb – 07 Mar 2018

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