iGaming Academy Celebrates 10,000 eLearning Users

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve hit a huge milestone: we’ve just added our 10,000th user to our eLearning platform. An incredible 10,000 learners have now taken one of our interactive, highly-engaging eLearning courses on compliance, iGaming product and digital skills.

How did we get here? Here’s a quick timeline:


NOVEMBER iGaming Academy launches, with a mission to educate the iGaming industry


JANUARY Launch of our eLearning portal, complete with a suite of instant-access compliance courses

JUNE White label learning management system (LMS) available, allowing clients to deploy eLearning courses directly to their workforce via a custom-branded portal

OCTOBER Further eLearning course content added, boosting the compliance suite and adding gaming product training courses

DECEMBER Milestone 4,000 users in Year 1, including numerous clients training their full workforce


MARCH 12 clients now fully subscribed to custom-branded LMS, deploying bespoke internal training throughout their company

SEPTEMBER 10,000th learner takes an iGaming Academy eLearning course, either individually or as an employee of one of our 40+ gaming clients

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