Bet On Yourself: Discover Sportsbook Ahead of World Cup 2018

Bet on yourself – train for sportsbook

In the lead-up to the World Cup 2018 in Russia, all eyes turning to football. Watched by millions worldwide, nations will battle it out on the pitch for the ultimate honour: Champions of the World. 

For some people, though, sports are more than a passion – they’re a career.

The $Billion Dollar Sportsbook Industry

Sportsbook traders make a living out of sports events like the World Cup, as well as practically every other sport imaginable: handball, basketball, rugby,  ice hockey, alpine skiing, horse racing… Wherever there are sports, the betting industry is sure to follow.

The Sportsbook industry is huge and growing. Bookmakers’ profits during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil alone totalled more than 36 $ billion. So as we approach the 2018 World Cup, it’s easy to see why this event is big news for sportsbooks.

Hiring Now: Work In Sports

So, if you’re serious about sports, Sportsbetting could be the perfect career path. And with the World Cup on the horizon, what better time to start your journey?

START YOUR CAREER IN SPORTS… Sportsbook operators are actively hiring across Europe and worldwide. Skills needed include tech, sales, analysts, traders, promotions and more. To find out more about the industry, and what it takes to succeed, book yourself a place on our popular Online Sportsbook Trading Course – next in Malta 15 & 17 May 2018.

5 Reasons to Work in Sportsbook

1. THE BUZZ: that’s what most sportsbook professionals love most. Even as the days of open-plan ‘trading floors’ fade, the excitement of being in the heat of the moment, making crucial decisions, is hard to beat.

2. TEAM SPIRIT makes most sportsbooks brilliant workplaces. It takes all sorts to succeed, but with a common goal, you’ll feel like you’re in it together.

3. This is undoubtedly a FAST-PACED career. If you’re working in-play, you’ll cover multiple events, matches, campaigns at any one time.

4. Bonuses and financial REWARDS can be significant in the sportsbook world. Don’t expect Ferraris (until you reach the upper reaches!) but meanwhile, you’ll certainly live comfortably.

5. Sportsbook operators and suppliers can be found ACROSS EUROPE, with particular hotspots in London, Malta and Gibraltar. Once you’re in, there’s ample opportunity to ply your trade in sunnier climates.


Love to BET ON SPORTS yourself? This could be your nirvana! All the thrill of the flutter, but you’re in it for the long game and – let’s face it – ‘the house always wins’.

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